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Past events

  • Workshop - Desarrollo Rápido de Aplicaciones con Ruby + Sinatra
    05 NOV 2015
    Santiago de Chile, Chile
    10:00 am - 06:00 pm

    During November we are visiting Chile and attending StarTech Conf 2015, and we'll be taking the chance to share this workshop.

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  • 1st Programming Meetup
    28 OCT 2015 - Ardoino 122, Ramos Mejía
    07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

    Wanna learn about Rust? Service monitoring? Shell scripting? Provisioning virtual instances? Testing? Databases? Then you can't possibly miss out on our first programming meetup where we'll share our professional experiences and will have time to ask questions about these and other subjects. Feel free to join us and RSPV here.

  • Too Busy Disorder + Debate!
    05 OCT 2015
    Ardoino 122, Ramos Mejia, Buenos Aires
    07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

    The third #CulturaFreelance (Freelance Culture) meetup of 2015 is coming...

    • "Too Busy Disorder" by Lucas Videla
    • Open space, guided by the Cultura Freelance panel
  • Sales and Communication for Freelancers
    16 SEP 2015
    Costa Rica 5546 Ciudad autónoma de Buenos Aires
    07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

    Once again, we meet to talk about freelance and network. This time we bring an unbeatable set of talks! Sales and communication.

    • "Start selling" by Maximiliano Picón
    • "Communication and negotiation" by Solange Basseterre
  • Rapid Application Development with Ruby & Rails
    27 APR 2015
    Ardoino 122, Ramos Mejia, Buenos Aires
    07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

    The Web, a wild place where apps fight all day to survive into an sea of spam, competitors and users seeking for a better alternative as soon as the current one isn't working, isn't evolving fast enough, or doesn't respond instantly.

    If you're interested in getting in touch with the world of rapid application development, where you'lle learn not only to work faster but also tidier and more adaptable… then this workshop is made for you!

    We proudly introduce you the workshop "Rapid Application Development with Ruby & Rails", guided by an expert, el Señor Nicolás Cerrini, whom having dealt with more than a houndred web projects during his career, knows how to bring most value in less time. This course consists on 5 classes of two hours each one.

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