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Our work values:

In short, we are passionate about good software. We love open source code and make frequent releases. We love to learn, share and progress together. We have our own projects as well: we love to give life to our ideas.

What we do indoors

Among the members of Wecode we form a network of experienced professionals, and when we encounter an obstacle, be it technical, commercial or conceptual, we solve it together.

We have a workspace available for those who want to share the environment with other professionals, and that is where great synergy between colleagues occurs: the exchange of ideas becomes very profitable.

Also, when job opportunities arise, we seek to form an ideal group from among our network members. Think of Wecode as a group that leverages each member's skills and overcomes difficulties thanks to the good communication and trust between its members.

Would you like to join?

Our main asset is trust, which enables us to guarantee that our work will be high quality. That's why we gather professionals who have demonstrated the skills needed to both work independently and be part of a team.

The process begins in the community, where good software enthusiasts get together, virtually or physically, to discuss matters related to programming, design, technology management and other everyday issues. As we get to know each other better, probably through Wecode, we will want to pursue initiatives with some members. These will be candidates to move up to a new level, where we have another type of communication and discuss more subtle issues, such as the handling of customers or how to carry out our projects.

Gradually through the level of involvement in the community, the activities and the open source code produced will show which candidates are the best match for WeCode. Once candidates reach this point and have worked on some projects with us, they can then be welcomed to the group.