Our portfolio

Commercial projects

  • ChatBunker


    ChatBunker is a HIPAA compliant communication and scheduling application, focused on groups of physicians and healthcare professionals in the US. Wecode helped the product grow since his inception on late 2016.

    • product management
    • ruby
    • rails
    • react
    • vue
  • Reward Sciences

    Reward Sciences

    Reward Sciences is a white-label point platform for companies. Customers can redeem rewards and benefits from those points. Wecode took on the job of continuing development of the system in 2017 and continues to do so. The company is based in the UK.

    • ruby
    • rails
  • Relevant Healthcare

    Relevant Healthcare

    Relevant is a startup that builds web applications for Community Health Centers and Health Homes. A team of 3 wecoders work with them on developing their applications and infrastructure

    • ruby
    • rails
    • team augmentation
    • docker
    • d3
  • Plataforma Pública de Precios

    Plataforma Pública de Precios

    We developed a website that enables public access to prices updated daily. It has delivered up to 140,000 daily visits.

    • public data
    • angular
    • ruby
  • New City Energy

    New City Energy

    New City Energy involves a series of applications for the Washington State Government, in order to track and analyze the efficiency of the power consumption of government buildings. We developed the data capture apps, built interactive graph visualizations and some dashboards to be shown on big screens on-site across Government dependencies.

    • backend
    • visualizations
    • big data
    • d3
    • javascript
  • Premios Sur

    Premios Sur

    Site used by the National Film Academy of Argentina to organize official contests

    • backend
    • ruby on rails
    • voting systems
  • IronCloud


    IronCloud is a SaaS (Software As A Service) application for gyms and CrossFit boxes. Using it, gym staff can control member access, payments, and communication.

    • ruby on rails
    • saas
    • mvp
  • CookUnity


    CookUnity is a chef-driven online marketplace that delivers small-batch, locally sourced food right to the customer's door. We helped CookUnity evolve from a simple MVP to a successful product.

    • web
    • backend
    • responsive
  • Eventapp


    We’ve developed custom-made management systems for more than 10 Event Organizer companies.

    • ruby on rails
    • backend
    • frontend
  • ScoutMode


    ScoutMode is an online Boy Scout rank and merit badge tracking application. We helped ScoutMode to build the platform, reshaping it from a former version.

    • backend
    • responsive
    • ruby on rails
    • stripe
  • AM Créditos

    AM Créditos

    AM is a suite of applications whose main focus is personal loans management, risk management and feasibility studies with known country-wide indexes as Veraz and NOSIS

    • backend
    • tracking
    • notifications
    • integration with 3rd parties
    • grails
    • java

Open Source projects

  • educadata

    Developed during "Hackathon Programar", it analyzes some data to show correlation between government investments and students performance along Argentina.

  • confy

    The conferences' talks directory. Here are posted the talks that worth sharing, and it's a place where you can explore further many IT related topics.

  • braid

    An educational platform that lets students and teachers to have another kind of interaction, allowing them spending time improving the students performance.

  • rubtítulos

    With rubtitulos you can download your favorite TV series' subtitles in Spanish directly from subdivx.com

  • we_avatar

    A plugin for your application, so you can choose an avatar image from your webcam or a file and upload it using HTML5 and jQuery.

  • tudiputado

    Find your ideal representatives according to their behaviour. Developed during "DataFest 2012" Hackathon.

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