Wecode is a network of software professionals who take great pride in helping develop the projects they work on. Wecode is not a company, just a bunch of freelancers working and progressing together.

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As a network of software professionals, we work independently but with the support of the group. You may hire one of us or many of us, but you always get the wisdom of many.

Everyone in the network
shares our work values:
  • Trustworthy
  • Good communicators
  • Eternal apprentices
  • Independent and self-organized

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  1. Nicolás Cerrini

    Problem Solver

    Co-founder of Ruby Argentina Asociación Civil, organizer of RubyConf Argentina, Nico has a degree in Software Engineering. During his years working for a zillion clients he has gained experience in very diverse areas of the software industry. He loves taking short trips around the world and taking pictures in his spare time.

  2. Lucas Videla

    Code Nerd

    Lucas is a tireless learner and practitioner of the art of software construction. He lectures at two universities and loves taking and facilitating workshops to share and improve his knowledge.

  3. Manuel Barros Reyes

    Curiosity Driven Developer

    Manuel has been programming since his teen years. Nowadays he spends most of his time doing full-stack web development and reading tons of stuff on the internet.

  4. Joaquín Vicente

    Coffee Lover

    Software engineer and Ruby on Rails hacker. He's a versatile developer and best practices enthusiast. As a child he used to spend his time building things with LEGOs. Now he enjoys hacking and building stuff with code. He loves to constantly learn and teach.

  5. Cristian Rasch

    FOSS Evangelist

    Cristian is a consultant who takes pride in leveraging free & open-source software to help companies of all sizes meet their goals. A true expert in automation and consolidation of backend processes, he will go to great lengths to remove the pain from your daily business operations.

  6. Alicia Rosenthal

    Creative Fixer

    Web designer and animator, she loves challenges and learning new things. She teaches at two universities and likes to facilitate workshops and initiate new projects. She's gained experience in different areas such as SEO, design, and animation. In her spare time, she likes to watch TV shows, swim, and has fun being a clown.

  7. Gastón Nan

    Timeless amateur

    Nan has been developing systems for small and medium organizations for several years, yet he does it with humility, energy and enthusiasm like a young apprentice. With this same principle he faces all activities in his life, like cooking, skateboarding and music.

  8. Santiago Rojo

    Code Inquisitor

    Engineer in process. Santiago's constantly looking to enhance his programming skills and become a better professional. He enjoys working on many things, from front-end technologies up to the lowest-level hardware programming. He also spends his time on movies, music, TV series and taking photos from time to time.

  9. Hernán Chilabert

    Jedi Developer

    Hernan is a restless person, curious and loves to learn and improve his skills in software development. He is a basketball player, enjoys spending time outdoors and is a fan of the Back to the Future trilogy.

  10. Wico

    WeCode Mascot

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  • CANCELLED | March's tech meetup
    Wecode HQ - Bartolomé Mitre 87 - EP B, Ramos Mejía
    07:00 pm - 09:00 pm
    MAR 18

    Por medidas de salud publica, se suspende esta actividad hasta nuevo aviso


    • 19:00. Bienvenida y snacks.
    • 19:20. Agostina Figueredo, Optimizá tu proyecto web con Lighthouse. Automatización del control de calidad en performance y SEO. Una guía en el desarrollo para una web mas rápida, correcta y de calidad.
    • 20:00. Networking, charlamos entre nosotros.
    • 20:20. Alicia Rosenthal, Materializando una idea de desarrollo.
    • 21:00. Fin de la Meetup. Nos quedamos a cenar los que querramos compartir un rato más entre profesionales/amigos :)
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We live in Argentina. We code for The World.

+54 11 5368 0424 hello@wecode.io
Bme. Mitre 87 - EP B, Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires